Bou.doir – women’s bedroom, definition by dictionary! 

In the past week I’ve had number of people
ask me what is a 'Boudoir'? I have just launch a new addition to my business, 'Boudoir photography shoots'. So the question was raised!

A women’s bedroom, 'Boudoir', a place where a women can pamper, rest, be a goddess and a place of self-expression.

To me, my bedroom means tranquilly and
reflection, ritual of loving me, taking care of me!

Too showcase all women’s true beauty, I
wanted to create an opulent space where women can be self-expressive in anyway
they feel comfortable. Treated like a beautiful goddess, hair set perfectly,
makeup enhancing their beauty, all to be captured by talented photographers and
presented beautifully in a ‘private collection’ album.

Women transform many times in their lives,
from girl to teenager discovering their beauty and it’s effect on boys, to a
sensual young women ready to explore their inner desires, to a mother of creation
and nurturer, then to total goddess of wisdom, sensual understanding, and full of abundant desire.

To capture any women at their fullness of beauty is something to be treasured for the rest of their lives. To be able to look back and see their inner strength, sensual radiance and total motherly beauty, to pass down their wisdom to the younger generation to truly embrace their gift of being a women too.

Boudoir; is a women’s temple, a place of

What is Boudoir to you? 


With love and deep gratitude of being the women

Love Katrina xx 

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