Do you plan for moments of reflection?

If you are busy planning your wedding right
now, I suggest you take five minutes to stop and pause! 

Take a moment each and
everyday to stay connected to your partner and not let the planning rule your
lives. Believe me the day will come around fast, and you both will be back on
the lounge together reflecting on the day. My wish for you is that you both
will be reflecting on the whole journey towards the aisle and beyond.

Right now you will be reading wedding
blogs, tips and tricks and real life weddings to get an insight into what its
like to plan a wedding and how should you feel, right?

Well my advice to you beautiful is too pause, reflect and be
a team with your partner every step of the way!

I do wedding day 'Timelines' and 'On the day running
schedules' weekly, but I’m yet to see any time allowance for just being still
and in the moment. I mean after hair or makeup, in between sitting down with your stylists and bridesmaids, walk out of the room
that has your friends, your family and stylists, take a drink of your choice
and go outside and take in some deep breaths. Connect with this incredible
moment, be proud of the planning achievement, hell you have brought two families together and extended friends, feel the love that is surrounding you and
be grateful for the magic that is about to take place, because lovely you deserve it!

If you can’t remember to do this, put it in
your timeline, your on the day schedule, set a reminder on your phone or your
maid of honours phone. Make time to slow down, make your special day last.

Before you leave the wedding car and step
out, let the rest gather before you, let the photographer get into position,
take that moment to remember a detail about your husband to be, what he does to
make you laugh or a favourite moment you both have shared. 

Then Gracefully swing your leg out of that car and smile at you photographer,
because in that shot your expression is connected to your partner, you are in the present, the NOW!

Walking down the aisle will be the most
breath taking walk you will ever take, let me tell you. Your friends and family
waiting with expressions of joy and pride, not to mention your devoted lover
standing tall and strong awaiting his love.

This moment is raw, and so full of honest
truth, it’s a moment I wish I could slow down for all my clients and have last forever, just because the depth of love that is felt is so dam incredible and so magic will last a
lifetime, and give you the strength to hold on in those bumpy moments.

You will be husband and wife within
moments, and the schedule kicks in again, everything on a time, everything in an order. Again insert a time
for you and your husband to walk away a share the moment for 5 minutes,  insert after congratulations from friends and
family, while they are enjoying beverages. Ask your photographer to take shots
from a distant while you and your husband love each other and pause in your
moment together.  Then with connected
hands walk back and connect with your new family and friends, EASY!


Find moments through out your day to pause,
to just be and to share a cheeky kiss with your beloved.


Trust me beautiful, you will slow your special
day down and have incredible deep loving moments to reflect on for a lifetime. 

Wishing you love and Joy xx

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