Self-confessed romantic Katrina Vincent has lived and worked in the
South-West for 13 years. Katrina recently launched her wedding planning
agency with a vision to orchestrate beautiful weddings for the Margaret
River Bride & Groom.

Katrina first developed a passion for wedding planning while working
as the Caves House functions manager. It wasn’t long before Katrina
became enchanted by the ideas and dreams of the couples she worked with
who had come to tie the knot in this beautiful region. Naturally
progressing further into the wedding industry, Katrina took on the role
as wedding coordinator for Bunker Bay’s Pullman Resort. While there, she
personally developed a detailed planning schedule to ensure every
wedding went off without a glitch.

For Katrina, wedding planning isn’t just about business; it is about
getting to know you. Her main success has been the friendships with her
clients that formed during the planning stages. Katrina sets your
event apart from all others, and not because of the kick she gets from
wedding planning, but because she cares about you, and the memories you
will take away from your wedding.

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